Make your rental a “vacay must-stay” with these easy decor ideas!

Make your rental a “vacay must-stay” with these easy decor ideas!

With over 10 million vacation rentals across 80,000 cities worldwide,* how do you make your property stand out?

We'll give you a few of our favorite ways to use decor to make your property shine.

"Airbnb hosts share more than six million listings around the world"
Here’s a way to make your vacation home rental memorable by using neon and wallpaper in HomeAwayRva in Richmond, Virginia.

Be the star of the show

People are scrolling through 100s of airbnb listings a day. What makes yours so special, and why should they click through? We know an attention grabbing photo will make them click, and, more often than not, it’s simply a well designed focal point, or the stunning view -- not a blueprint, or the working amenities. People are looking for an experience. But a custom neon sign isn't just a stylish addition to your rental - it can also be a powerful marketing tool. By creating a memorable and recognizable symbol of your brand, you can increase your listing's visibility and attract more potential guests. Plus, a neon sign is a highly shareable and Instagram-worthy feature that can generate free marketing and positive reviews from satisfied guests.

An eye-catching focal point makes your listing pop!

While it’s a must to have a captivating headline and description of your property, nothing has the potential to drive bookings like striking interior and exterior photos. Take that a step further by featuring an eye-catching focal point to make them pop! But why is the interior so important? For starters, it's the first thing your potential guests see when they view your listing. A stylish and well-decorated interior can instantly convey a sense of luxury, comfort, and personality, making your vacation rental more appealing and memorable to potential guests.

Here’s a sophisticated way to use LED neon as a focal point above the fireplace in this Palm Spring vacation rental by StayAtMyWay. 

Use your property name to catch their eye

Having your vacation rental’s name rendered in brilliant LED neon and hung on a wall by the door or above the fireplace provides yet another way you can stay in guest’s memories. This applies to all vacay stays, whether a mountain house aptly named “Bear’s Den” or an uptown city studio called Apt 2C.

Give’em something to post about

Okay so attention was grabbed, they booked your place, now it’s time to provide an experience they’ll want to brag about. Social media is your ticket to more bookings, so whether they’re hashtagging, geotagging, or leaving 5 star reviews, you are gaining more exposure and more business. Guests will post fun content from their trip, why not help them get the perfect shot?

Amber Ulmer makes a beautiful example of making the most of her home's focal with this rainbow book case, House Beautiful.

Focal point as photo-op

Nearly everyone loves a great spot for taking selfies, especially on vacation! You’ll want to consider how the focal point looks when your guests are taking a group photo or selfies for the gram. Don’t hesitate to highlight the photo-op within your AirBnB listing and in your photo gallery!

Make your rental lots of fun attention grabber

Prime spots for stories, reels and TikToks, the kitchen and bathrooms offer great possibilities for fun eye candy, such as a custom LED neon sign that sends a funny or inspiring message like the one shown above. Kitchens are also where people tend to gather and hang out -- it’s where they’ll spend a large portion of their stay. So, amp it up! See our beach collection of led neon designs ideal for a coastal home focal points or our adventure collection for your mountain or lake house to bring the adventurous spirit into your vacation rental home. 

You just hired the most affordable marketing team

...And it’s absolutely free. You’re guests have posted and loved their trip-- now enjoy the traction you’ll receive from their shared experience. Because of their posts and reviews, you’ve won trust as the coolest, most welcoming airbnb in the area. An absolute must-stay, and sure to bring repeats.

* Source: Airdna. co



Fall Festivities | Brite Lite Blog

Sad to say goodbye to summer days and hello to fall? While many of us struggle with the transition, this time of year brings about some of our favorite seasonal gatherings and activities: Halloween costume parties, tailgate parties, friends givings, pumpkin carving, bonfires and more - leaving us no excuse but to get downright festive.

Outdoor parties don't have to end because summer is over. Now is the perfect time to host a festive fall-inspired gathering - especially if you're the type who likes to throw a party "just because.” Relish in the crisp air and host a harvest bonfire, a summer-farewell barbeque or campfire (perfect excuse to eat s’mores). Want to get more creative? Set up a projector in the backyard for a home theater horror movie marathon with friends or for your teens. If it gets too cold outside and you’d prefer to keep the party semi-indoors, consider throwing a party from the comfort of your garage. But even in the tidiest of garages, the vibe can feel stale and drab. Enhance the mood and brighten up the space by investing in interior elements that can stay put year round and are suitable for any event you host. Keep the party going with one of our festive sign collections, or create a custom neon sign with your family name. Needless to say, glowing neon signage gives a much more appealing backdrop than stacked storage bins and cluttered shelves as you snap photos of friends and family throughout the night. 


Football Season

Football season and fall festivities go hand-in-hand. Regardless of which team or league you root for, it's the perfect time to host a watch party in your home to watch the game, indulge in hearty foods and grab a drink with friends, neighbors and family. But no watch party is complete without decor to compliment the atmosphere. Let your support shine with glowing neon decor. Ditch the old team flag and drab paper decorations, and take your party to the next level with football-themed neon decor that’s sure to get your crowd in the spirit!



Let’s not forget about the tailgate experience: rows of cars occupy lots outside the stadium, the smell of hamburgers on the grill, smiling fans, and cornhole games on every corner. For many, nothing screams fall like a true American tailgate. If you take your festivities to the stadium, remember that your tailgate space is limited so make the most of it with your decor choices. Festive tablecloths, paper products and banners are obvious essentials, however don’t forget to complete your tailgate with lighting that illuminates from day to night. Deck-out your tailgater with football-inspired neon signs from the car window, truck bed, or from the tent canopy to enhance the experience. Quickly watch neighboring tailgaters come together at your spot to watch the game, or share a beer.




Endless Summer | The Brite Lite Blog

The serenity and positive energy we all associate with sweet summertime doesn't have to be confined to just three short months; relaxed vibes can live in your home year-round with trends that are simple and functional. An endless summer design can be a tropical escape without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Through bold, cheerful, and saturated color palettes inspired by the sun, and by bringing outside elements indoors, simple enhancements to everyday home decor can create spaces reminiscent of destination travel. To get you inspired and give your home a summer refresh, we’ve gathered an array of joyful decor ideas for summer magic - whatever the weather.

Bring The Outdoors In

Nothing says summer quite like lush green trees and blooming flowers, and with the backyard in full glory and bursting with color, nature is a good place to start. To bring your home into harmony with the outdoors, infuse your living spaces with tall, standing house plants, like a monstera or a snake plant. These sturdy house plants act as living art, adding a vibrant pop of color to any room. Don’t have a green thumb? Try incorporating silhouettes of plant leaves in other unique ways. Palm motifs by means of wallpaper and similar applications are great alternatives to exude beachy junglescapes.

Happy Hues & Bold Patterns

If your home is sporting a clean all-white look, adding bright accents, saturated hues and bold patterns can breathe new life into a tired, monochromatic room. Joyful, welcoming and optimistic hues like yellow are an instant mood enhancer, guaranteed to radiate summer energy and warmth all year long. Also take into consideration the Pantone Color of The Year, Classic Blue - a stylish, nautical hue that can be incorporated into home decor through dishware, accent walls, pillow covers or rugs. If you’re not wooed by the idea of life at sea, maybe you’d prefer to stay on the beach, however don’t jump for anchors to hang from the walls or seashell accents. Take a modern approach to beach-themed decor by making more subtle nods to the tropical lifestyle with tasteful, ocean-inspired wall art. The right choice of eye-catching and bold patterns can additionally elevate any space for a resort-like feel, while reserving an elegant simplicity. From cacti blossoms, to poolside stripes, these bold patterns never go out of style and instantly liven any room.

Light It Up

You may also feel compelled to inject summer directly into the home with sunshine-inspired accessories. This trend gets its bright spirit from cheerful colors, arcs and curves that evoke imagery of the sun and will surely exude feelings of an endless summer - regardless of the season, weather or time of day.
Feeling inspired to light up your space and bring home the feeling of an endless summer? Explore our summer collection or create your own neon sign. Our design consultants are here to help make your sunny, vibrant and refreshed living spaces a reality. Connect with us today.



Neon Sign Holiday Gift List | Brite Lite Blog

5 Reasons Neon Signs are the Perfect Holiday Gift

Look no further for the perfect holiday gift for anyone on your list. Brite Lite Tribe’s New Neon® signs are popular, on-trend, and you’ll be dubbed as the best gift-giver ever! Everyone wants a gift that they can use over and over—and this is it. Let’s take a look at why our neon signs should be the #1 choice for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Our New Neon® signs are customizable

Think about the last time you received a personalized gift. You felt loved, right? Our neon signs are fully customizable and will help your loved ones know just how special they are. The best part of this process is you can choose the design and even the colors. This could be a quote, a name, a symbol, or even a logo.

Photo credit: @stephaniehannablog

Let us add a personalized touch to your neon sign, one that your loved one will cherish and you will feel good about giving!

Create lasting memories

Here at Brite Lite, we are all about making an impression and creating a memory. Gift-giving can be challenging for someone who has everything, but it’s likely they don’t have a neon sign—one that shows off their personality!

Giving a personalized, unique, and on-trend gift will ensure that your family member thinks of you and your amazing gift every time they turn on their New Neon® sign.


Plus, our neon signs are the gift that keeps on giving. Due to their long-lasting nature, you’ll be sure that your gift will get a lot of use over the years. After all, our signs are cool to the touch, LEED-certified, earth-friendly, and non-breakable. Talk about a gift that will last a lifetime!

The gift for that person who “has it all”

Everyone loves a neon sign! They’re an attention-getter, that final décor piece that brings a home together, or a fun addition to a playroom, bedroom, or even office. In addition to being fully customizable, we also have a wide assortment of premade signs to choose from.

We have a gift for him, gifts for her, and even gifts for the kids! Check us out and choose the perfect gift!

Brite Lite is your holiday shopping one stop shop

Why choose us? We make finding the perfect gift easy! We have many premade options to choose from, plus our signs are fully customizable—with your choice of colors and font. With our New Neon® technology, you can be sure our signs are safe! They are made with LED neon—an alternative to traditional neon. No harmful gasses or breakable glass. They’re cool to the touch, kid-friendly, and can be mounted nearly anywhere. They’re also effortless to install and super affordable. That sounds like a win-win to us!


If you want a customized sign for your loved one, make sure to speak to our design consultants today. We fill up fast with holiday orders and we want to make sure you have your sign in time for the holiday. Here’s to making your holidays BRITE.

Written by the Brite Lite Team



Make Your Holidays Merry and Brite | The Brite Life Blog

5 Ways to Make Your Holidays Merry & Brite

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s make the holidays a little extra this year. ‘Tis the season to bring the merry and bright to life with some neon.

Holiday Card Highlight

Bring some holly jolly to your holiday cards and ensure they make the front of the fridge. Customize a neon with your family name or pick one from our holiday collection and let it snow. It’ll be the easiest part of family photos—we promise.

Party All Night

Neon signs aren’t just for weddings. Have the best background on the block or bring back some life to the company holiday party by adding a custom New Neon® sign or a sign from our holiday collection. That’s right, your holiday party just became Insta-worthy.

The Gift of Light

This one’s for the person on your shopping list that still has a question mark next to their name. Take them from “bah humbug” to “this is so cool!” Choose between our holiday collection, Christmas emojis, or create a custom neon sign (don’t worry we have designers who can help!) Check it off the list – your holiday shopping is done.

Snowman, Tree, Wrapped Present

Have some fa-la-la-la-la-fun decorating this year with the Christmas emojis. Put them in the windows, around the house or maybe even the powder room. Jingle bell rock the decoration game even if it’s not a winter wonderland outside.

Christmas Calendar

It’s beginning to look a lot like a full holiday schedule. Our calendars seem to fill up faster every year, but this year you can make it part of the decorations. The neon calendar collection will keep you on track even if you have to travel over the hills and through the woods to get it all done.


Shop our collection or create a custom sign today!

The holidays will be here before you know it. Get your shop on now so you don’t have a blue Christmas. If you’re buying custom, we need 3 weeks to fulfill so don’t wait or procrastinate! Talk to one of our design consultants now so you get your custom order in time to put it under the tree.



Halloween Decor | The Brite Life Blog

Make Your ​​Halloween Bright and Colorful With These 6 Ideas!

Halloween doesn’t have to be dark and scary if you don’t want it to be. You can still give off those spooky vibes with these colorful additions to your décor. Put a spell on your guests and they’ll be rethinking traditional Halloween themes, too!

Colorful Pumpkins

Pumpkins scream Halloween, but who said they all have to be orange? Get out the paint and paint your pumpkins bold colors. You can even add designs, patterns, quotes — whatever you can dream up! From polka dot pumpkins to rainbow pumpkins, there’s no limit to what you can create on your pumpkin canvas.

You can even glue colorful pom-poms to your pumpkins for an extra oomph. Take it step further and add glitter to the stems to make the pumpkins sparkle! Your doorstep or mantel will be the talk of the town this Halloween!


Ombre Rainbow Skeleton

You might have an old Mr. Skeleton hanging around from Halloweens past. Give him new life with some spray paint! Choose 4 or 5 colors and start painting. This is a simple project that will give some color to your Halloween décor — or even make a front porch feature you keep up year-round!


Colorful Halloween Wreaths

While you have the spray paint out, grab some mini gourds and pumpkins (real or fake). You can paint them bold colors and glue them together to create a colorful wreath that will pop on your front door or over your fireplace. You could even match Mr. Skeleton to the wreath so your front porch style is unmistakable from the curb.

Either way, these pops of color at your front door will make everyone smile.


A Colorful Halloween Tree

It’s never too early to put up the tree—the Halloween tree! Spray paint an old Christmas tree any color, but bonus points if it’s a Halloween-appropriate black, orange, or green! You can decorate it with old Halloween masks, painted pumpkins, or colorful streamers. You could even paint it to look like a large candy corn—now that says Halloween! Place this tree in your living room or dining room for a unique and colorful spin on Halloween décor.

If you’re a winter holidays lover, this is a great way to start the season early.


Colorful Halloween Mantels

Remember those pumpkins you painted earlier? Bring them to the mantle—and add some fun, colorful Halloween-themed garland, skulls, bats, or fake spiders. A colorful Halloween planter, colorful Halloween art, and matching Halloween decor will complete this look. It’s such a fun focal point for the home and looks so much different than your typical Halloween faire.

Our friends at Kailo Chic have tons of garlands, spooky & colorful Halloween planters, and party decor — check them out here!

Light Up Your Halloween

What better way to elevate your Halloween decor than with a neon sign? We have a wide assortment of signs to choose from but our Halloween emoji sign will be a hit at your party. It will go with all of your colorful decor this year and still put off that spooky vibe you love—plus the emojis are on trend and will be a topic of conversation at your party!

Hang them in a window or just above your Halloween mantel for an extra spooky (fun) look!

Customize Your Halloween Decor (& Decor for ANY Season!)

We can’t wait to see how you make your Halloween more colorful. Want a more custom look? We can turn your handwriting into a custom neon sign? We can create a sign from your favorite scary movie quote, or even a sign that says “Boo” or “Trick or Treat.” Be the envy of Halloweentown—create your own custom New Neon® sign with our design consultant today.



Family Command Center | Brite Lite Blog

How to design a Family Command Center that works for you

Ever changing schedules, an empty refrigerator, haphazard mail strewn on the counter. It all adds up when you’ve got a busy family! Take control with a family command center.

Make your Family Command Center bright and organized with the help of our Neon Calendar Collection! Our Get it Done Board is pictured above.

What is it a Family Command Center?

The name sounds daunting, and a little authoritarian. But the idea behind it is actually genius. This is a space in your home where everyone can see a combined schedule, plan meals, hang keys, even organize mail and paperwork. You’ll find it easier to keep up on events like soccer games and recitals; and scrambling for keys on your way out the door will be an event best kept in the past.

“Fewer surprises = fewer stress fests. That’s the kind of math we like.”

How to Personalize

So now you may be asking, “How do I integrate this into my family?” Well, each command center is different, and they work best when tailored to YOUR family. Luckily, no one knows your family any better than yourself. The key is to create a visual that is also functional and organized-- it’s all too easy to let all factors overwhelm you. And because it should be easy-access, let’s make it pretty too!

Here is a list of ideas and items to get your Family Control center started:

Brite Lite New Neon®: Take on the big schedule with our FAMILY calendar!

Family Board

A large calendar should be front and center. The head honcho. Here, you can lay out the plan for the week and pen-in events and appointments as they come. Everyone can see them, so it should cut down on confusion and make gathering the troops even faster. Fewer surprises = fewer stress fests. That’s the kind of math we like. Here's our very own version, made with the Family unit in mind! We find it works even better when events are color coded so we’ve added a multi pen pack. To take a step further, you’ll want a place to list necessities, like a grocery list, or maybe the meal plan for the week.

Chic and paired back style by The Home Edit

Drop off station

There will always be items that just don’t have a spot. I.e. backpacks in chairs, or sandals kicked off by the door. Enter the drop-off station. We got this idea from The Home Edit! Get a few baskets that match, label with names, and viola! Those random items now have a home.

Slick brass s- shaped hanging hooks used in Sunny Circle Studio's command center. Simple installation, and versatile hanging options.

Hanging Rack or Shelf

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, no one likes a bag taking the seat of a perfectly good chair. Give yourself, and your family a place to hang it so it’s up off of the floor, and where there’s no way to misplace it. The same goes for keys. If the command center is on your way out, or in, they can hang and be ready to go.

The Bless'er House shows how rustic and ready wood file bins are a great option, stylish option to organize loose paper and mail.


I have a spot on my kitchen counter where the week’s mail just gets to hangout for a bit. It’s convenient, but it looks cluttered and it’s disorganized. Let’s keep the convenience factor but make it pretty and neat by adding organizers, or pockets, to your family control center. You can keep mail filed and organized, have a spot for unpaid bills, and maybe a miscellaneous section for the kids’ field trip slips and party invitations. The family’s loose paper will now be easy to keep on top of and locate.

We love this DIY stationary organizer by How to Nest for Less 


Pens--they have an innate ability to just disappear. So, you’ll want to keep those stocked here. Try keeping a little pail of them, so you can write exactly what you're thinking as soon as it comes to mind. Same goes for scratch paper! Let's keep our panicked junk drawer searches to a minimum, and add it to the center. If you’ve gone for a corkboard, you may want to store pins and magnets in this same fashion.

You've got this under control

Now that you have the basics, we think you've got a pretty good handle on how to take back some control of your family schedule and loose ends. So go on! Pick a spot and get started. Don't forget to take a look at our Neon Calendar collection for some added inspiration!



How to Create a Custom Neon Sign | Brite Lite Blog

How to Create a Custom Neon Sign

You’ve decided that you really need a neon sign to finish off your space and you don’t want to settle for “off the shelf.” You want something custom, made just for you. Well, you’re in the right place because we are experts in all things custom neon. So keep reading and you’ll be armed with the information you need to design and purchase your own personalized neon sign.

Traditional or LED neon?

The first thing you will want to decide is whether you want a traditional glass neon or a modern LED neon sign. We would be lying if we weren’t a little biased here (we did coin the term “New Neon”, after all), but for almost all applications, LED Neon is a safer, more affordable and more environmentally friendly option than traditional glass neon. For a detailed comparison, read our Complete Guide to LED Neon Signs.

This is our job, and we've made it easy.

Designing your sign online

Once you’ve decided that LED Neon is the way to go (smart choice!) you're ready to start the process. This is a good time to start thinking about what you really want your sign to say and be. What color? Cursive? Modern? How should it be laid out? One line, two lines? So many questions, right?

Try it out with our Customizer

We’ve actually made it super simple for you. Click over to our online sign customizer where you can type in your text, test drive font, color and layout combinations and see your sign in real time on 8 different backdrops. The other advantage to playing around on our customizer is that you can see the price of your sign as you type in the text, so you’ll be able to get a good idea of the cost of a custom sign.



One of the key questions that you might have when using our customizer is “Which acrylic cut should I choose?” You have the option to choose kiss cut or contour cut acrylic. With kiss cut signs, the acrylic is cut down around each letter so it gives a really clean look with very little acrylic showing. For contour cut signs, the acrylic is cut around the outer shape of the sign, making it solid and durable. There is no correct answer to the question of which is better. It is truly a matter of preference. If you’re not sure, we have many examples of both on our inspiration pages.


If you find what you’re looking for using the customizer, you can add it to your cart, make payment and your personalized LED neon sign will ship to you in 3 weeks. Yes, it is that simple!

Not quite what you're looking for?

If however, you decide that you want something even more custom than what we offer on our customizer, you can fill out our inquiry form and one of our expert design consultants will be in touch within 24 hours to help make your neon dreams a reality. Any shape, any size, any color combination -- if you can imagine it, we can probably help you create it in new neon.

Written by Tom Crew



5 Ways to Art-ify Your Pet | The Brite Life Blog

July 19, 2021

5 Ways to Art-ify Your Pet

We’re all guilty of keeping every single snap of our favorite pet saved on our camera roll and taking up storage. Why not pull your most-prized pic and turn it into a piece of art?

Here are 5 ways you can celebrate your pet, and make them the supermodel you always knew they were:

They're not here for our whole lives, but they make our lives whole

Custom New Neon®

Meet Boomer! His humans wanted to celebrate his 10th birthday with a custom neon pet portrait. Boomer's dog mom, Jessica, sent in a photograph of him for us to use. Our designer Tara magically immortalized the pup in new neon, glowing in lemon yellow. This was such a fun project for us—if you want your own custom pet portrait, we'd love to help!


Put your brain to work with the cutest pic of your favorite pet! Pick a background style that best suits your furry friend, have them strike a pose for a photo, download it, and Puzzle Your Pet will make it here in the USA! This interactive masterpiece will be a real winner with the kiddos too.


Have a stately pet? Create a fun and stately portrait. Megan Carn is an artist that specializes in painting colorful pieces, bringing these portraits to life. Wether you find an existing print of your breed, or commission your very own piece, this work of art will be a prized addition to your collection!

Socks + Blankets

So our pets already warm our hearts, but what if I told you they could warm our feet too? Custom socks and blankets! These are to die for and oh so soft. Simply download your favorite photo and start building your own! I'm sure your pet will want to cuddle up with them too.

Neon Frenchie

The future’s so brite for this frenchie. If you have a French Bulldog, this big pup is ready for you to take home! If you have a different breed (like Boomer for example), get in touch with one of our designers here and we can turn your pet image into a high quality, handmade, LED neon sign that will be ready to greet guests and pet play-dates alike within 3 weeks!

Aren't those paw-some?

There’s no end of possibilities to memorialize the cuteness, or silliness, of your animal pal. Whether you make a game of it or a cuddly plush, you can constantly be reminded of why you cherish them so. So go on! Get those photos out of storage and create something unique and tailored just for you and your pet!


Written by Temperance Wilcox



Summer Quotes to Kick -off the Season | Brite Lite Blog

July 15th, 2021

Summer Quotes to Kick-off the Season

It's getting warmer!

At Brite Lite, one of our favorite things to do is turn our customers' words of inspiration into neon art for their homes and businesses. We're based in South Florida, where it's summer year round, so it's only natural that we know a thing or two about summer inspired quotes. Here are a few of our favorites:

Based in South Florida, we know summer like no other.

1. “Warm summer sun, shine kindly here” Mark Twain

Sunshine, a warm breeze, and a cool drink is enough to make anyone feel fully at ease. Whether you're kicking your feet up under exotic palms, or lounging on a folding chair in your backyard--we can guarantee this is your time.

2. “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” Ralph Waldo Emerson

We loved this quote so much, we made our own LED neon sign! Take Emerson’s expert advice and live like a true transcendentalist this summer, enjoying everything this season has to offer.

3. “Those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer” Nat King Cole

Don’t quite remember how the day flew by, but you know it was well spent? Maybe there’s sand on the floor of the shower, or you’ve got a little red glow on the bridge of your nose. It’s those crazy-hazy moments that make us smile.

4. “You are so much sunshine in every square inch” Walt Whitman

This isn’t your average, cheesy “you are my sunshine” quote. No, this is romance. Tell them how you love them, just as you love that sun-kissed feeling the summer brings!

5. “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Henry David Thoreau

It's all about maintaining that positive state of mind! Summer is more of a lifestyle than a fleeting season. Hang on to these warm days with a sense of optimism, and save the memories and experiences for a rainy day.


6. “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date” William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was right yet again. We’ve all complained “summer’s too short” at least once--and probably in grade school. Make your younger-self, and Shakespeare, proud by taking advantage of the warm weather before it’s gone.

7. “It’s always summer somewhere” Lily Pulitzer

Florida icon, Lily Pulitzer, knew that no matter where you are, the summer season is playing its course. When we are wearing sweaters, Australia is basking in the sun. There’s no end to our favorite month, especially when you have the travel bug!

Do you have a favorite Summer quote?

Turn your favorite quote into your very own custom LED neon sign with our online customizer!  It's super fun and easy to use. Plus, if you can't get enough summer vibes, check out our adventure collection. We have lots of signs that will bring the sunshine into your space. Now get out there and soak up some rays!


Written by Temperance Wilcox



5 Ways to Amp-Up your Dorm Room | Brite Lite Blog

April 5th, 2020

5 ways to amp up your dorm room


You’ve been accepted into your dream school, now it’s time to design your dream dorm room. With the fall semester quickly approaching, we’re giving you 5 ways to make your space your own.

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”
-Paulo Coehlo


Optimize storage

Word from the wise, your room will be tight. Storage that stacks or slides will be your best friend this year. Either make sure it conceals well under your bed, or make it pretty! Try starting with your color palette and choosing baskets that match, or a bed skirt that will hide anything you tuck under the bed.


Dual Action

2 in 1 shampoos may not be your thing, but a desk that doubles as a vanity should be! A shared bathroom is hectic, so doing a majority of your morning routine outside if it will mean saved time before that AM class (a.k.a. you get to press snooze at least once). You’ll spend a lot of your time here, plus, a vanity has always been a great way to add a bit of style and vintage charm to a room.


Keep it Fresh

Not only will plants keep you company in this new territory, they have proven to lift moods and purify air. It’s a triple win! Name ‘em and hang them up, or place one on your study table for that fresh, green touch of life. Don’t know which plant will suit you? Here are some good examples for college students: Bamboo is practically indestructible, Pathos is pretty and easy, and Aloe is a life-saver post spring break!

Brite Lite New Neon®

Keep it Organized

You’re going to have a lot of due dates and social events to keep track of. A calendar of some sort is non-negotiable. If you’re visual like me, you’ll want to write it down and hang it up so you can’t forget. This fun neon “Create” sign will make those assignments hard to miss! We have a collection of Neon calendars in a full range of sizes and colors! You can take a look here.

Brite Lite New Neon®

Make it Yours

By now you’ve got the layout and organization covered. Adding your own unique touch will finalize that new-found sense of independence. Decor! You can’t paint the walls, but you can add some color with a custom neon sign. A table top sign with your initials or a cute shape will add a personalized pop of color!

On a similar note, you could make your very own name glow with our customizer tool. These girls had it figured out -- check out their TikTok with the link below!

TikTok: Dorm Room Chekkkk @shartseriadelfoot

Ready To Shine

We're excited for you to take on this new adventure! Make your mark on the new school year and "lite" it up. If you need more inspiration, take a look at how others have made their space glow on our interior page. If you're ready to create, head on over to our Create Tab!


Written by Temperance Wilcox