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The Tribe

Brite Lite Tribe is a team of creative free spirits looking for fun and affordable ways to bring inspired design to your space.  We are constantly on the lookout for new products that will inspire or just make you smile.  And we believe that cool design shouldn't require a trust fund.

We live in technicolor year round in the Sunshine State where we operate our business, share a home with our little pack of dogs, and enjoy our lives.  We strive to bring some of our neon joy to you no matter where you find yourself. 

We want you to live inspired, turn on the magic and join our tribe of fun-loving people who just want to make their space a little brighter.

Our Neon

So who doesn't want their own neon sign lighting up the room with a clever or inspiring message?  But most of us know in the back of our design minds that neon is expensive, loud (the constant buzz), inefficient and full of dangerous chemicals.  Well not anymore! With LED neon, we can now offer an option that is affordable, quiet, efficient and safe.  And guess what?  It's actually brighter than traditional neon with options like dimming and remote control. Isn't technology fab!