What is New Neon®?

New Neon® is a modern alternative to traditional neon. Made from LED neon, our signs are kid-safe and earth friendly. New Neon® provides that same warm neon glow without the use of harmful gases or breakable glass.

Is New Neon® safe?

Yes. All our signs are UL-certified and conform to ANSI/UL STD 2388 and are Certified to CAN/CSA STD C22.2 No. 9.

Our signs are intended for indoor use only.

Is it bright?

Yes, New Neon is about 5% brighter than traditional glass neon, and the cool thing is that you can use the included remote to dim the sign if you wish.

Are your neon signs easy to install?

Our New Neon™ signs are incredibly easy to install. They are lightweight, have predrilled holes for mounting, and can be affixed to the wall using just a screwdriver and the included screws.

The LED neon is powered by 12 volt, so the included power supply can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet. No hardwiring is required.

How much does a custom neon sign cost?

Our New Neon™ signs are very affordable compared to their neon gas counterparts. To get an accurate idea of your custom neon sign's cost, get started with our online customizer tool!

Can you recreate my logo?

In most cases, yes, absolutely. We can replicate most fonts and designs with New Neon. Check out our business page for more info!

Fill out an inquiry form and one of our design consultants will contact you to discuss how best to bring your logo to life in New Neon™.

Can I mix fonts and/or colors?

Yes, you can do both. Fill out our inquiry form and specify the fonts and/or colors that you would like to use in your sign and we’ll provide a quote for you.

What is the sign mounted on?

All of our signs are mounted on high quality clear acrylic. Black or white acrylic backgrounds are also available at no additional charge.

Does it buzz?

No, our New Neon™ signs are totally quiet.

How long is the cord?

Each sign has a transparent exit wire that plugs into the dimmer and the power supply. The total length, from sign to plug, is approximately 16 feet and the exit wire is 6 feet long.

Longer exit wires can be provided, but must be specified in the notes at time of purchase.

How long will it take to make my sign?

Your sign should be ready to deliver in 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase.

Can you do a rush order?

Yes, we can do rush orders. Rush Orders can be processed and completed in no less than ten (10) business days from the date of purchase. Additional fees apply.

If I create a custom sign using the online customizer, what size will it be?

The size is determined by which font you choose, but as a general rule of thumb, the height of our large signs is between 11-16 inches and the small signs are approximately 7-10 inches tall. The length of the sign is determined by the number of letters and the font.

If you have questions about dimensions or need a specific size, please email us at hey@britelitetribe.com or fill out our inquiry form and one of our design consultants will be in touch within 24 hours.

Can I put my sign outside?

Our New Neon™ signs are intended for indoor use only.

Can I order this as a gift?

Absolutely. Just indicate that it is a gift in the “Notes” section of your order and we can provide a nice little card with your message included. Just make sure to put the recipient’s address in the “Shipping Address” section of the order.

Do you offer gift cards?

If you would like to give a New Neon™ sign as a gift, but aren’t certain what it should say, we also offer gift cards which can be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to use our online customizer to create their own custom neon sign.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we are only shipping to North America (US, Canada and Mexico).

I've got another question! Help!

If you have a question we didn't cover here, please don't hesitate to reach us at hey@britelitetribe.com

You can also reach us on our contact page