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The serenity and positive energy we all associate with sweet summertime doesn't have to be confined to just three short months; relaxed vibes can live in your home year-round with trends that are simple and functional. An endless summer design can be a tropical escape without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Through bold, cheerful, and saturated color palettes inspired by the sun, and by bringing outside elements indoors, simple enhancements to everyday home decor can create spaces reminiscent of destination travel. To get you inspired and give your home a summer refresh, we’ve gathered an array of joyful decor ideas for summer magic - whatever the weather.

Bring The Outdoors In

Nothing says summer quite like lush green trees and blooming flowers, and with the backyard in full glory and bursting with color, nature is a good place to start. To bring your home into harmony with the outdoors, infuse your living spaces with tall, standing house plants, like a monstera or a snake plant. These sturdy house plants act as living art, adding a vibrant pop of color to any room. Don’t have a green thumb? Try incorporating silhouettes of plant leaves in other unique ways. Palm motifs by means of wallpaper and similar applications are great alternatives to exude beachy junglescapes.

Happy Hues & Bold Patterns

If your home is sporting a clean all-white look, adding bright accents, saturated hues and bold patterns can breathe new life into a tired, monochromatic room. Joyful, welcoming and optimistic hues like yellow are an instant mood enhancer, guaranteed to radiate summer energy and warmth all year long. Also take into consideration the Pantone Color of The Year, Classic Blue - a stylish, nautical hue that can be incorporated into home decor through dishware, accent walls, pillow covers or rugs. If you’re not wooed by the idea of life at sea, maybe you’d prefer to stay on the beach, however don’t jump for anchors to hang from the walls or seashell accents. Take a modern approach to beach-themed decor by making more subtle nods to the tropical lifestyle with tasteful, ocean-inspired wall art. The right choice of eye-catching and bold patterns can additionally elevate any space for a resort-like feel, while reserving an elegant simplicity. From cacti blossoms, to poolside stripes, these bold patterns never go out of style and instantly liven any room.

Light It Up

You may also feel compelled to inject summer directly into the home with sunshine-inspired accessories. This trend gets its bright spirit from cheerful colors, arcs and curves that evoke imagery of the sun and will surely exude feelings of an endless summer - regardless of the season, weather or time of day.
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