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July 15th, 2021

Let's Get This Straight: Last Names and Apostrophes

So you're embracing your new name, and you're ready to make it shine in neon on your big day. There's one question that stumps most couples: is an apostrophe necessary? Well, we have an answer. Let's talk grammar.

To apostrophe or not to apostrophe, that is the question.

Congratulations! Getting married is kind of a big deal and you’ve spent weeks poring over all the details. And for one of those details, you’ve decided that you want a custom neon sign for your wedding that announces to the world your new name and identity as a married couple. After much deliberation, you’ve decided to create a custom sign with your last name. One important detail that you don’t want to overlook when creating your sign is...wait for it...ugh… grammar. You see, there are a couple options for your sign, so let’s get nerdy for just a minute and go over the choices.  

One important detail that you don’t want to overlook when creating your sign is...wait for it...ugh… grammar.

Let’s say your last name is Miller.

You could use our online customizer to create a custom sign that says “The Miller’s” (with apostrophe) Or your sign could say, “The Millers” (no apostrophe). What’s the difference?, you might ask. Well, quite a bit actually. When you use the apostrophe, that indicates possession, i.e. the wedding that belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Miller would be “The Miller’s wedding.” Or “The Miller’s house” to indicate the house belonging to the Miller family. You get the idea.


On the other hand, if your sign says “The Millers” (no apostrophe), this indicates the plural version of Miller, meaning more than one. If you want to indicate that you are now “The Millers”, John and Sara, then the correct punctuation is simply adding the “s” to “Miller” with no apostrophe.

The more you know!

While either option is acceptable and makes sense in the context of a sign for your wedding, it’s good to know the difference so that you can make an informed choice when designing your sign and other materials for your big celebration. After all, this day should be perfect and you don’t want a little grammar issue getting in the way. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our design consultants here. Or if you’re ordering your sign using our customizer, then make sure to plan ahead. Our custom signs will deliver to you 3 weeks from your order date.

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