Inspired by South Florida where we live in technicolor year round, we launched Brite Lite Tribe to bring neon joy and good vibes to all.

Producing events for some of the biggest brands, Lisa became expert at finding the latest designs and products to “wow” her clients.  When she discovered New Neon®, she quickly realized its potential as a medium for affordable custom designed LED neon signs -- not just for corporate events -- but for home interiors, businesses, shops and milestone occasions.

In addition, we care about people, animals and the earth, so it is important to us that New Neon® is both kid-safe and earth friendly.  It uses safe LED materials, doesn’t contain harmful gases and leaves a small footprint as a result of its efficiency and low energy requirements.  To us, that means a lot.

Through Brite Lite Tribe we set out to forge a community of fun-loving, design-inspired individuals who let their creativity shine and live a colorful life in bold, brite New Neon®.

Lisa And Tom